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Welcome to the Uniondale School District

K-12 ELA Curriculum Wiki

This wiki was designed to:

  • Provide an overview of units covered in Kindergarten through Grade 12;
  • Connect these units to common core standards;
  • Provide a variety of resources, both print and online, to help students achieve mastery of the skills in each unit (resources include: student objectives, suggested readings, resource links, activities, and assessments).

Explore the links provided for each grade level to enrich your ELA curriculum and your

students' understanding of this vital curricular area.

Wiki Created under Supervision of:

Beverly Wolcott, ELA Director
Janice Friedman, Director of Library Media and Instructional Technology

Wiki Created by:

Paula Trapani-Wiener, LRMS Librarian

Wiki Managed by:

Deirdre Reddington, UHS Librarian
Paula Trapani-Wiener, LRMS Librarian
Cara Catalano, THMS Librarian
Dolores Frost, CAS Librarian

Wiki Contributors:

High School ELA Teachers:
Sheeba Varkey, Shonia Edwards, Janine Bradley, Michael Ringhauser, Jillian Gutkind, Meredith McNamara, Heather Raimondi,
Nina Saveth, Adam Bowman, Mimi Mazzarella, Larisa Daly, and Diana McIntyre
Middle School ELA Teachers:
Irene Gilbert, Judy Torruella, Leigh Sumter, Nicol Morales, Tammy Morgan, Barbara Germani, Kristine Santarpia, Sarah DiRusso,
Rachel Matarazzo, Carolyn Kirwan, and Regina Chesterton
Elementary School ELA Teachers:
Maureen Bowie, Michele Carmen, Michael Chindamo, Nicole DeSantis, Nancy Froehlich, Dolores Frost, Caroline Gromling, Phyllis Halper, Jacklyn Lapides, Lori McBride, Elizabeth Peralta, Laura Schaefer, Michelle Sherwood, Kula Sigler, Cathy Smith, Daria Towns, Jacklyn Tussie, Robyn Weinstein, Paul Weiss